12 August 2012


The reasons why you're my best friends :) 

#001 - I can tell you anything and you won't be shocked.
#002 - I love listening to your stories.
#004 - When I'm really down you cry with me. 
#033 - We have private jokes.
#051 - I know your moods so well that I know exactly when to press you to tell me
          what's wrong.
#054 - If I'm way out of line, you tell me. And when I'm doing a good job, you tell me
          that too.
#059 - We went to different colleges and we didn't know how we were going to
          survive the separation - but it only made our friendship stronger.
#098 - You send me encouraging text at critical moments and I send them to you too.
#106 - You introduced me to karaoke. I'm not sure that was a favor.
#109 - You stop me firmly when I start apologizing for things that aren't my fault. 
#110 - You bring your problems to me and let me help you solve them. 
#125 - I'm not embarassed to cry in front of you. 
#128 - I admire your self-control: You actually think before you speak. 
#142 - I never felt that any of our arguments or disagreements would end our
#160 - When I'm procrastinating hopelessly, you give me the push I need to get going. 
#175 - You know my dark side and I know yours. No judgments.
#226 - You love to laugh. 
#248 - You laugh at my jokes. 
#252 - Sometimes you don't have time for me. That might make me sad or hurt for a
          while, but hey, you'll be back. 
#463 - We take pride in each other's accomplishments.
#486 - The good, the bad and the ugly- we've been through them all and we're still
#500 - You may misbehave, I may misbehave, but best friends accept best friends
          misbehavior and all. That's how it is.

p/s: Berkawan biar beribu, bercinta biar satu :D hihi thanks for everything, I'm truly miss all of you :') I love yoouuu bebehhss (scream out loud) !!